Artemis Fowl: Prologue


In which we are introduced to the title character, a juvenile criminal genius, through the introduction to a report on his first interspecies misadventure.

How does one describe Artemis Fowl?

Well, quite.

The prologue is actually a difficult place to start from my point of view, seeing as it’s only one and a half pages long and doesn’t tell us very much. But hey, let’s give it a shot!

He has puzzled the greatest medical minds and sent many of them gibbering to their own hospitals.

What an image. Eoin Colfer, I LOVE YOU.

But why does someone of such brilliance dedicate himself to criminal activities?

It’s strange reading this from the perspective of having read the later books. Back when I first read this (at the ripe old age of ten), I would have equated “criminal” with “evil”. Thanks for opening my eyes to the possibility of well-intentioned crime, Artemis Fowl.

I have put together this report from first-hand interviews with the victims

Here’s an interesting thought—if this is just the fairies’ side of the story, could it be more biased than it seems? (I know we can’t really know that, but Eoin Colfer has always presented these books as “true” chronicles. The Puffin editions even have a disclaimer from Artemis on the back saying they are “sensationalist stories”, another indication that we are not getting the truth of the matter! Wow, now I really want a Midnight Sun-style thing from Artemis’ perspective …)

The story began several years ago at the dawn of the twenty-first century.

“Several years ago”? Interesting. One wonders if Eoin Colfer had any idea how long and complicated this series would become … because knowing how Artemis’ character develops, this description of him seems a little odd.

He was twelve years old at the time …

Wow, I was younger than him when I first read this. Still, you can’t read that and not think “oh my god this just got awesome”.

So yes, I know that wasn’t very long or very interesting, but the real first chapter will be up soon, I promise!


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