What is “Rosie Reads and Reads”?
“Rosie Reads and Reads” is a site where I will review books or series chapter by chapter. However, unlike other notable review blogs, I will only review books that I have already read and enjoyed. That means there will be spoilers everywhere! It also means that, no matter how much I make fun a book, I really do love it!

Who is Rosie?
I’m a music student from Australia who fell in love with reading at a young age. I’m also a tragic re-reader, and I still tend to read all the books I read when I was young (and new ones as well, don’t worry!)

Why did you decide to do make a review blog?
I have enjoyed several similar websites, especially Mark Reads/Mark Watches, and Vampirely. I actually first got the idea, though, before I read either of those, from the Readers Guides at The Harry Potter Lexicon. I loved reading other people’s interpretations and reactions to the Harry Potter books, and wanted to share my own.
The other reason I wanted to make this blog was that I wanted to show that these books (which , if not technically children’s books, are at least marketed for teenagers/young adults) are still worth reading now that I’m an adult.


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